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Gifts that Stick with Joleen Emery of Big Raven Yoga

Episode Summary

Ashley interviews Joleen Emery, founder of Big Raven Yoga mats.

Episode Notes

Joleen Emery, founder of Big Raven Yoga Mats, is a strong human being. Not only is she strong enough to raise four children, become a yoga teacher, support other artists like her, and maintain her sanity while doing it all, but she's strong enough to start a successful yoga business after a leg-shattering accident. Literally. After healing from her injuries, Joleen returned to her yoga practice with an idea - a yoga mat that's not only functional, but noticeably original and beautiful.

Ashley and Joleen chat about her journey into entrepreneurship, her self-care secrets, and why Big Raven Yoga Mats just might be the best bridesmaids gift out there!

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